Can delay 1968 - Delay

“Dingle is known as a vocal critic of Filipino government officials and scientists who have refused to support his invention. The Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology, in turn, has since declared his invention a hoax.”

The roots of Can can be traced back to Irmin Schmidt and a trip that he made to New York City in 1966. While Schmidt initially spent his time with avant-garde musicians such as Steve Reich , La Monte Young and Terry Riley , he was also eventually exposed to the world of Andy Warhol , Hotel Chelsea . In his own words, the trip "corrupted" him, sparking a fascination with the possibilities of rock music. Upon his return to Cologne later that year, an inspired Schmidt formed a group with American avant-garde composer and flautist David C. Johnson and music teacher Holger Czukay with the intention of exploring his newly broadened horizons.

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Can Delay 1968Can Delay 1968Can Delay 1968Can Delay 1968