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The next few seconds were maelstrom of confusion for the pretty blonde. As she knelt there gasping the impostor moved quickly he took a length of prepared thick elastic from his pocket and slipped the already constructed knotted loop over Sarah’s head and tightened it on her neck. It was a slipknot of virtually unsnappable elastic and with a tug he tightened it to near choke level around the singers long neck. Sarah tried to get her fingers up between the material and her skin but she was too slow and the man pulled it hard to dissuade her from trying again.

Bauhaus embody the escapist, self-dramatizing spirit of goth. Hailing from none-more-bland Northampton and led by rake-thin and androgynously handsome Peter Murphy, the band’s persona erred on the side of pantomime, but their decision to break away from the spartan realist image of punk and its immediate offspring now seems nothing if not bold. Like their hero Bowie, Bauhaus understood the importance of fantasy, and how that’s bound up in the visual: from sleeve art to clothing, make-up to stage lighting. Back when they were first trying to get signed, they issued a video rather than an audio tape to record companies.

According to her official MySpace page (maintained by long-time friend and former bandmate, Karl Blake ), she has done spoken-word performances of her old material in the United Kingdom and in mainland Europe , with backing music written especially for these by herself and long-term musical collaborator David Knight. There is also some talk of new material being written. In the 1990s, her first three albums were re-released on CD by her own label, Biter of Thorpe.

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Danielle Dax Up Amongst The Golden SpiresDanielle Dax Up Amongst The Golden SpiresDanielle Dax Up Amongst The Golden SpiresDanielle Dax Up Amongst The Golden Spires