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Bowie and Gabrels wrote the songs for both Hours and the adventure video game Omikron: The Nomad Soul at the same time. According to Gabrels, they set up special writing sessions to write the music for these projects, then recorded demos in studios in Bermuda and Paris. Gabrels himself wrote over 3 hours of instrumental songs for the game (on top of the songs which he and Bowie had written together). Gabrels described these tracks as "more electronic and aggressive in nature than the Hours album" and suggested there would be an Omikron, The Nomad Soul instrumental album released the next year. [1]

I Am With Name (Bowie/Eno/Gabrels/Garson/Kizilcay/Campbell): from 1. Outside . 'I Am With Name' on the 'Hearts Filthy Lesson' CD-single ( RCA/BMG 74321 30703 2 ) omits the spoken intro (' Ramona A. Stone '). Although this version is called Album Version, it actually is slightly longer than the version on 1. Outside (4'06" without the intro vs. 4'00" including the intro). Judging from the running time printed on the cover, the idea was to include this version on the bonus CD of the 1. Outside 2004 Limited 2CD Edition, but instead the real album version was used! A full-length 10'20" version is found only on the 1. Outside outtakes CD.

Earthling RhythmEarthling RhythmEarthling RhythmEarthling Rhythm