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At Pop's house, Cub happily plays with Whistle in his bedroom. Pop leaves the room, whistling as he goes, but returns to the room upon hearing Cub screaming. He enters the room to find blood everywhere, furniture destroyed and Whistle attacking Cub. As Lumpy finishes tying the squid to the back of his truck, he gets a call from Pop, himself now being attacked by Whistle, asking him to come help. Lumpy arrives and sees Pop carefully dangling Whistle on a leash, trying to make him calm down. Lumpy slowly puts his net under Whistle and picks him up, and walks away. But before Lumpy gets the chance to put him in a cage, it is revealed that Whistle has escaped by chewing through his net.

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Mondo The Only LoveMondo The Only LoveMondo The Only LoveMondo The Only Love