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Bishop and Co-Pastor Frazier are the authors of the 'Revelation Study Guide,' and founders of the Battle for the Family Organization that offers seminars they conduct around the country and overseas. The Organization offers Marriage in Crisis Interventions, Personal Crisis Interventions, an interactive website, inspirational blogs, and many other services. Bishop Frazier presented with his wife a daily half-hour live radio broadcast ministering to families and marriages and a weekly "Straight From The Heart" telecast on the DayStar Network with Joni and Marcus Lamb. Bishop Frazier and Co-Pastor Pamela, were featured on the Trinity Broadcast Network program "Praise The Lord" with guest hosts Bishop . & Serita Jakes, The 700 Club on CBN and were featured on the TCT Network. Bishop Frazier was chosen as one of the top 40 voices of the Black Church presented on The Word Network.

Cliff Frazier Co Video FreakCliff Frazier Co Video FreakCliff Frazier Co Video FreakCliff Frazier Co Video Freak