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The picture on the front cover of the original album was kept for the 2003 reissue. However, the design was altered slightly by graphic designer Rachel Gutek of the design company guppyart. This release contains an expanded booklet written by music journalist Max Bell giving the background to the album. The booklet contains a number of photographs which are credited to Sergeant and Pattinson. [6]

Singer-songwriter and former leader of the 1980s Liverpool band the Icicle Works. News, tour dates, pictures, discography and videos.

CD London 828980
CD Polygram 82898052 (US)
CD Polygram POCD1256 (Japan)
CD WEA Australian reissue 1999
CD WEA Japanese reissue in 1999

Jack Broadbent
Jaco Pastorius
Jamie McGregor
The James Cleaver Quintet
James LoMenzo
Jamie Mallender
Jan Cyrka
Jason How
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Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Jim Jones Revue
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Junior Ribeiro Braguinha

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(please let us know if you'd like an undergroundradio station listed that meant a lot to you in the late 60's/early 70's) .

• Their former manager Bill Drummond left them and created 80s avant-garde pop group The KLF, whose hits included Justified & Ancient and Last Train to Trancentral.

Echo The Bunnymen SilverEcho The Bunnymen SilverEcho The Bunnymen SilverEcho The Bunnymen Silver