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What does do the trick, I think, is actually seeing concrete movements, like Black Lives Matter, emerge at moments of capital in crisis; or figures like Bernie Sanders, who are re-popularizing even the term “socialism.” It might not seem like a big deal to some, but it’s the deployment of a signifier like socialism (or communism), even, that I think helps to move people towards solidarity and action – to show that there are alternatives to capitalism. Rhetoric, after all, is still one of the best ways to move people to action; and, a theoretically informed language can get people to move – it is still part of the war of position, which is where I think we are situated at this moment. We are still building towards a critical mass. It is, to use Jameson’s paraphrasing of Gramsci, a moment of cynicism of the intellect, utopianism of the will.

The process of writing or creating art without conscious thought. The term was borrowed from physiology, which uses the term to denote involuntary processes that are not under conscious control, such as breathing. The Surrealists later applied to techniques of spontaneous writing, drawing, and painting.

Basically, the very first sentence in his ugly guilt manipulation procedure about allegedly "breaking the law" is the evidence in itself. Furthermore, it is probably one of the most telling indications and a living proof that his whole "evil fighting" trip to "save the world" is nothing but a fake, or, at best, an attempt of the blind to lead the blind, the inevitable outcome of which is both of them falling into a pit, just as has been stated in the New Testament.

In 1968, after various riots within Quebec and in Europe, a new group of FLQ was formed. Within a year, this group of Felquistes had exploded 52 bombs. Rather than La Cognée , they wrote La Victoire , or Victory . The various members of the group were arrested by May 2, 1969.

Shot at 16 frames per second, Warhol’s camera simply stares at the Empire State Building for an unwatchable amount of time – asking difficult questions about our patience as viewers and indeed as humans.

__________.  New Music, New Allies: American Experimental Music in West Germany from the Zero Hour to Reunification.  Berkeley: University of California, 2006.

When nobility and royalty erected palaces and chateau, this same model was followed in countless examples.  If you recall Versailles, the king’s chambers and formal suites are on the second level, not the first.  The first floor contained rooms for offices, livery, stores, guest suites and reception rooms.  The wonderful Linderhof in Bavaria is organized exactly in this manner.  In Venice, the palazzi on the canals have similar space layouts.  In fact, this historic idea was incorporated in several of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs and was the model for Corbusier’s ‘Villa Savoye’ in the 1930’s.  

 · I think it is possible to outline a list of features that are typical of what I would like to call Ur-Fascism , or Eternal Fascism. These features cannot be ...

Avant Garde Liberation CharismaAvant Garde Liberation CharismaAvant Garde Liberation CharismaAvant Garde Liberation Charisma