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The methods used to construct Ishikawa diagrams are easy to apply to real practical situations faced by business analysts in a study of problem situations arising in company activities. The illustration starts with a formulation and then the definition of a problem. From this information is built a fish spine - a horizontal line with fish bones that are the groups of factors which impact the occurrence of the problem. The identifying of causes is a very popular brainstorming activity.

Fishbone got started in 1979 as a "disparate, all-black oddball crew" when the members were in junior high school. The Fisher brothers, Jones, Dowd, and Kibby were all from South Central Los Angeles [6] and were included in a school busing program that sent them daily to the San Fernando Valley , where they met Moore, who was native to the area. After first using the name Megatron with Titus Norris on vocals, the sextet adopted the name Fishbone and formed a unique stew of different styles that became popular in the Los Angeles club scene and was a great influence on several subsequent alternative bands. [ citation needed ] Their first club date was at "Madame Wong's," the influential venue in Los Angeles's Chinatown that had been a showcase for a variety of seminal punk bands in the 1980s. [7] They were close friends with Los Angeles bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Thelonious Monster . Fishbone were signed to Columbia Records in 1983 after being spotted at a club gig by Brian O'Neal of The BusBoys . [8] Their first release was the 1985 single " Party at Ground Zero ", [9] followed by a self-titled EP, Fishbone produced by David Kahne. [10] In 1987, in support of their first full-length album, In Your Face , the band performed "Jamaica Ska" in the Annette Funicello / Frankie Avalon reunion movie Back to the Beach . Fishbone's first major international tour was as the opening act for the Beastie Boys .

That way you can solve the problem completely, first time round, rather than just addressing part of it and having the problem run on and on.

Fishbone When Problems AriseFishbone When Problems AriseFishbone When Problems AriseFishbone When Problems Arise