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If they didn’t move aside fast enough this 13,000 pound beast can easily plow through most vehicles in your way. It has everything any urban escape vehicle could desire from run-flat tires, to armor being able to stop anything anybody is likely to shoot at you on your way out of Dodge.

…the ultimate challenge to those “Yobo ” fans who say that Yoga for Weight Loss , Disco Yoga, Bikram, Adidas Yoga with (my friend) Rainbeau Mars and Yoga without all that annoying Granola, Chanting or Sanskrit may not be “traditional yoga” (a moving target in and of itself)…but nevertheless may help open the door to those who might not ordinarily be interested in pure yoga , true yoga , quality yoga .

As she is there sleeping I got up to watch the sun rise over beautiful Saigon, with a gentle mist sweeping the rooftops that morning and I smoked a fat stogie in honor of my recent accomplishments. It was the most incredible feeling in the world, despite my man tool nearly falling off. The beautiful woman was still asleep after having the night of her life. I dressed, and left the room, but not before leaving her my picture so that the kid would one day know who his or her father was. And with that I left, returning to base and eventually leaving 'Nam, never to return.

Buck Dharma Flat OutBuck Dharma Flat OutBuck Dharma Flat OutBuck Dharma Flat Out