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8-track cartridge edition offers the extended version of " Berlin " (added about 1 minute of piano instrumental music on ending part).

Design Records was a division of Pickwick Sales of New York, later Pickwick International. The first albums under the Design imprint came out in 1957, and the last were issued in the early 1970s.

Early Design albums, starting in 1957, were in the Design DLP series in mono only. The first label was black with a thin white stripe across the label through the center hole. Above the white line was the multicolored logo, with "DESIGN RECORDS" and beneath that, in blue lettering with yellow initial letters, "Spectra Sonic Sound". Beneath the white line was the record number, title, artist, and song list, all in silver print. Around the bottom of the label in yellow print was "HI-FIDELITY NON-BREAKABLE PICKWICK SALES CORP., LONG ISLAND CITY 1, . 33 1/3 RPM LONG PLAYING RECORD". The record jacket back, for the first few years, used a similar format. The record number, title, and artist were in capital letters at the top of the jacket back. Under the title was a black bar running horizontally across the album, with the following in white print inside the bar: "A DESIGN *CP LONG PLAYING ALBUM IN SPECTRA-SONIC-SOUND" Beneath the bar to the left were liner notes and a song list, and on some issues a short list of other Design albums. At the right was a vertical grey box running from the top black bar to the bottom of the album. This box had propaganda about Spectra-Sonic-Sound. Just above another horizontal black bar at the bottom of the jacket was an oval logo with "33 1/3 LP LONG PLAY" across a black and white field. The bar at the bottom said, "COPYRIGHT BY DESIGN RECORDS, DIVISION OF PICKWICK SALES, 1957" This legend on the bottom bar was used considerably longer than 1957. It was known to be used into 1959, at least, so the copyright date does not indicate the date of release of the individual record, necessarily.
Oddly enough, some labels of the first mono design were printed with "STEREO SONIC SOUND" instead of "SPECTRA SONIC SOUND," even though the records themselves were mono. Later, in the early 1960s, Design lowered the cost of printing labels by going to a black-and-white version. The records listed in this section of the Design discography were all mono, and for the most part used the first label, above.

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