Some PC Cards can become hot with prolonged use. To send a simple fax: You can access most online help information by selecting a topic from a Help menu or by clicking a Help button. Click Call Us to get a list of Gateway telephone numbers for both sales and support. Playing multi-player games With a home network, you can play multi-player games. Be careful when you remove a PC Card that has been used for extended periods. Browsing for files and folders A file or folder that you need is rarely right on top of your Windows desktop.

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Finding your files Many programs automatically save your personal data files in the My Documents folder. You can access Web sites to shop, track investments, read the news, download programs, and much more.

See “Installing a printer, scanner, or other peripheral device” on page 35 for more information about attaching a printer to your notebook. Installing your old programs You probably use some programs that did not come installed on your new notebook, such as personal finance software, graphics programs, or games. Turn on Pad Lock so you can use the numeric keypad.

It also has links to get more information or to buy those services and products directly through your notebook. MP3 MPEG Layer 3 is a standard for digitally compressing high-fidelity music into compact files without noticeably sacrificing quality MP3 files end in the file extension. Alarms can alert you when the battery charge is low.


This action is called double-clicking. MP3 files and video files on any networked computer, then play them on any of the other computers or devices connected to your network. The Log Off Windows dialog box opens. Power Take your AC power adapter to recharge the battery.

Disk Defragmenter shows its progress on the notebook display.

GATEWAY ARC USB AND DC INPUT BOARD BAA – New and Used Discounted Computer Parts

Keep your notebook stable during travel. For more information about the volume controls, click Help in the window. The Modem dialog box opens. See “Changing batteries” on page for more information.

Do not drop your notebook or subject it to other physical shocks. If you want to use a diskette drive, Gateway recommends purchasing a USB diskette drive. Also, tape your business card or an address label to your notebook 200agc accessories. After the disc tray opens slightly, pull the tray completely open.

Gateway 200ARC Laptop Notebook Parts

To reinstall device drivers: Depending on the device driver you are updating, you may only need to restart your notebook to complete the installation. The two most popular services on the Internet are e-mail and the World Wide Web.


The My Faxes folder opens. Make sure that nothing rests on your adapter’s power cable and that the cable is not located where it can be tripped over or stepped on. Let me see whether i can disable it in the bios. Managing Power Monitoring the battery 200aarc Closely monitor the battery charge. No action Run Program: Defragmenting the information stored on the drive can improve hard drive performance.

Cancel Access Internet Database: The Turn Off Computer dialog box opens.

Gateway ARC DC Input Board w/ USB (BAA) –

Let the liquid drain, then let the keyboard dry before trying to use it again. The Burning Process screen opens. The Final Burn Settings screen opens. After completing the setup, you are ready to access the Internet. The Configuration Summary screen opens.