Oscillation pitch and height can be easily set, edited and saved as a machining style for future ease of use. New advanced 5-axis machining module A new advanced 5-axis machining module is introduced in Alphacam R1, which includes a comprehensive set of strategies with advanced tool axis control and intelligent collision avoidance, to quickly and accurately machine surface and solid models. Improved Raster to Vector add-in incorporates a new engine, providing much better results. Pocket area clearance and finish contour machining can now be combined into a single machining operation. The operations tab shows which are being processed and the user can now abort and then edit parameters and restart. Sawing operations will now check for fouling against all geometries selected for the same operation.

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The dynamic preview is available for this command. The new Alphacam Reports functionality allows for design and creation of robust documentation such as nested job reports, setup sheets, tool listings, and part labels.

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The shortest path around a 4 or 5-axis part is automatically laphacam based on the CNC machine configuration. Many new and enhanced machining techniques and parameters including:. Along with an extensive standard library, any shape and size tool can be created within Alphacam, the tip and holder of which are constantly checked to avoid fouling of the part. The BTL Translator add-in has been improved to contain layout output configurations as well as support the following processes When two or more components are present in the model space, the active selected component is now indicated in the Model Window by a red tick.

This avoids exiting the material with a full width of cut, which could cause damage to grained timber components due to the grain and cut directions.


Toolpaths will be trimmed, if necessary. Many new and enhanced machining techniques and parameters including: As part of the next phase in the development of machining dialogs, the new 3D Machining command has been developed.

This new add-in provides enhanced NC output functionality, including the following Previous versions of Sheet Database and Plis Manager will work normally, however, after upgrading any changes made in the old version will not be reflected in new versions and vice-versa. Alphacam Router is a fully-featured, easy-to-use CAM solution for manufacturers wanting fast, efficient toolpaths and the generation of reliable, machine ready CNC code.

Traditional tool paths have to run slower feeds and speeds due to the variable width of cut conditions encountered in corners. Some machining dialogs now have a new tab containing specific options for either 2D or 3D lead-in and lead-out paths, and there is also an option to save and cn user-configured lead settings in addition to the defaults.

For more information on these devices, please visit www.

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The introduction of the “Construction” line button, found on the “Locate” Toolbar. Significant updates to the Project Manager give it a more contemporary look, including specific icons for each Operation type. Rendered clamps and fixtures can also be shown on a alpahcam machine configuration. An information message will be displayed informing you of the upgrade.

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All modules, including Alphaedit, have the new ribbon GUI. Support for 4K monitors has been improved with the addition alphaxam Scaling Options, to make the icons larger for higher 4K dpi settings — accessed from the Appearance section in the Ribbon Bar Configuration.


The use of tabs, descriptive images for each and every command and explanatory tool-tips greatly improve navigation through and use of the commands.

And the new look File menu now includes a Recent Files page listing Alphacam and CAD parts files, displaying a preview image and their properties. The resulting geometry is automatically configured for Auto-Z sawing. It can be applied to None or All of the selected machining geometries. Geometry Paneling A new Paneling command allows for large geometries to be broken into sectioned pieces and automatically placed within separate panels sheets.

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Another major aspect of new functionality has been added to Part Management, with full associativity between a part and its copy. B and Y axis support. This is particularly useful when creating multiple passes around a shape which need to go in alternate directions, such as polishing and sanding profiled edges. New Reporting Application The new Alphacam Reports functionality allows for design and creation of robust documentation such as nested job reports, setup sheets, tool listings, and part labels.

Each tab relates to a type of activity, such as creating geometry, or machining.

File Inserter, the new geometry creation tool, allows pre-defined elements such as hinges and locks on a door to be inserted easily onto a newly created drawing from the parametric sketcher.

The emphasis behind the development of Alphacam is to provide our customers with productivity, reliability and flexibility.