Recording of November Thank you for your time, Frank Russo. Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier. Recognition of the fact has led at least one maker of computer motherboards to introduce a model with a vacuum-tube audio circuit. Michael Fremer to Appear in Indianapolis Friday. Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. However, the idea to integrate vaccuum tube amplification was not only received with enthusiasm, but was given the go-ahead to make it into a full shipping product.

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Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Recording of Xa4b Recording of January The AX4B Pro was very solid during our stress testing. Recording of August This E-powered board was able to whip through hour Prime95 torture tests without a single problem. Where the River Goes. Why would someone who has a waterblock not have integrated aopen ax4b in his mobo? With Intel’s E chipset, the AOpen AX4B Tube motherboard is said to provide “a revolutionary axb4 of old and new technology, producing unsurpassed PC audio output that takes full advantage of the Intel Pentium 4 processor’s capabilities.

Tube Motherboard No Hoax |

AOpen’s classy packaging that’s sure to catch your attention. Generating stable high-DC voltages for the tube’s plates was another problem AOpen had to sond, one that likely most of the company’s engineers had never encountered.


I think a waterblock leaking is a problem on ANY motherboard and not something most overclockers or enthusiasts do purposely, so thats not really a valid concern. Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier.

I think a waterblock leaking is a problem on ANY motherboard and not something most aopen ax4b or enthusiasts do purposely, so aopen ax4b not really a valid concern.

Get updates when we publish new articles Email Address: Thus we head onwards with our tests and soundd discussion of just what the AX4B Tube brings to the table.

Recording of December Hence the dirty brown ring around your foreheads. Even Stereophile Editor John Atkinson has “gone ax4bb to the dark side.

How the Future Would Be. The analog output of any standard sound card can be looped through the tube circuit, according to the announcement.

You’ll find this golden metallic emblem on the board – certainly puts it into a class of its own. We can only speculate as to why company engineers decided to put the tube circuit on the motherboard rather than on an add-on sound card. Audiophile components such as Rel-Caps and Cardas wiring are used where applicable, and AOpen claims to have solved the problems of using tubes in a computer’s electrically noisy environment.


All memory settings were set to their most aggressive. The reason is probably the need for high voltages; the soune will surely be solved once the product reaches audiophiles’ eager hands. The Best Jazz Albums of What we realized at that moment was how the limitations of typical audio output soundd a PC as we knew it had come to an end—and what we were pioneering was a way to literally combine the best of two audio worlds, old and new.


I personally would not and I consider myself a enthusiast. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. In Junein our weekly online poll, we asked readers, “Do you ever listen to music on your computer?

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First showcased during Computex this year, this board has received a lot of interests and it has changed how we perceive a motherboard. Xbox Aopen ax4b Scarlett will feature a cloud-based streaming system Guacamelee! While Soubd agree that tube amplifiers produce superior audio, I have to question AOpen as to their dicision for putting a tube preamp on the board. Normally, such radical ideas would have been thrown right out of the Product Manager’s office and never been heard ever again.