If necessary, change the reduction ratio that is used when printing a fax. It is neither saved nor printed. In the [Quality] tab, click [Quality Adjustment]. Konica Minolta Bizhub C Print Stop I am working with the bizhub e in this instance, still flash the latest firmware, then go into service 2 alter the settings, then change the relevant software switches? Since you need to be authenticated in this machine to print the data saved in the box, this function is suitable for safely printing highly confidential documents. Select whether to print a received network fax in color or black and white.

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Konica Minolta Bizhub C Print Stop

This item is not displayed for Taiwan models. You can then confirm whether the selected printers are showing any errors or warnings and how long the queue is.

The default differs depending on sales territories. In the [Quality] tab, click [Font Settings]. Are you in Europe? Prinr from mobile scan to mobile instantly, wirelessly.

There are a few soft switches to set, but now your IUs, X-fer belt can run until failure and the MFP will accurately adjust any bias voltages correctly based on the number of revolutions.

Specifying the Color and Image Quality

Settings Description [Layout Order] Select the page layout order. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Quick access to the app via an action button.


Share scanned data ptint others. Let us eat, drink, and be merry, because tomorrow we may die! Sharpen the edges of images such as text in the table and graphics to improve legibility. Powerful print solution that increases print productivity and reduces administrative costs.

Select whether to print a fax longer than the standard prnt on separate pages. Select this check box to replace TrueType fonts with printer fonts during printing.

Select the [Black Over Print] check box to superimpose black color on a neighboring color to print so as to prevent white space being generated around black characters or figures. Some apps are not supported.

This App allows you to print anything from any devices over the web. Tips This function is enabled when [Print Type] is set to [1-Sided]. Tap the keyboard icon in the [User Name] or [Password] field, and enter the user name or password.

Printing at the Same Time as Authentication (ID & Print)

Konica Minolta has joined the mopria aliance to make printing from mobile device much more easier. I talked to some other techs and they said it was the fax card so I checked it and reset it but nothing. You ptint fine tune the color image quality according to the original. Select colors for printing.


Konica Minolta Mobile Print

To restrict the print to only black and white print, select [Black Only]. Set this table when you want to specify the printer fonts that replace TrueType fonts. When an Authentication Unit biometric type or Authentication Unit IC card type is used, you can execute printing just by touching the authentication unit with your finger or IC card. By using this function in combination with the 2-Sided Print function [Print Type]: Selecting the [Toner Save] check box in the [Quality] tab adjusts the printing density in order to save the amount of toner consumed.

If necessary, change the reduction ratio that is used when printing a fax.

Sharpening the border between text etc. Take advantage of this for swift printing. Printer Driver Simplification There is none of the confusion that can come from having too many icons to select from. This is the navigation link for moving toward in this page. Blank pages contained in the original are skipped when the original is printed.