The cleaning cycle eventually will not work after the ink in the cartridge begins to thicken. Simple-to-use Easy-PhotoPrint analyzes the recorded data then automatically adjusts printer driver settings for optimum image processing. I was searching to see the type of ink my i used, to see if my refill bottles can be used on a newer model. My little book says that four flashes means ink low. I also cleaned the area where the printer head “sits” as it was fun of ink residue. There is always a small area of pooled ink and the bottom is always very dry.

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I may be ignorant, but I’m willing to learn.

Perform a Print Head Cleaning i550

Nothing that looks like some of what you have described. Open the cover and when the carriage moves to the center, use a flash light to check the pads. I know a garden hose with a jet nozzle is going to be too much. I’m sure you know that the cost of parts and the labor at an authorized Canon Service center is more expensive than a new printer.

Washed the printhead and then followed efinigan’s tip – worked a treat!

Canon Knowledge Base – Perform a Print Head Cleaning i

It is basically the same ingredient used in the “Gas Treatment” you can buy for the same purpose. I fear I will be investing in a new printer It just doesn’t work right on the color. It appears that there are a lot of things that can xanon to give the same effect and somehow give the same 7 orange flashes. You don’t need the inks to be in to run the cleaning test. The current situation is that when connecting the printer prinr the power cable, the orange LED is flashing i5550 without blinks.


Each Repair manual contains detailed pictures for each printer so you have a picture of what to do and instructions on how to do it. I had no clue at first how to deal with that problem 7 flashing orange lights. What you are doing is trying to prove that ink is getting sucked all the way inside of the printhead to the nozzles.

Release the “Power” button. Defective print head Contact the Customer Care Center.

Resetting the Canon i550

In the meantime I’m setting up the I had about given up trying to recover the cyan print capability on my well-used and beloved i I recently took the top off my newly acquired used i to see what all it needed. It’s same problem as before–the light code give 7 orange flashes, which means bad print head. So, this is definitely a help.

I work at a company and we have several i and a couple i’s all with the same problem if this works you saved us tons. The drained ink in the procedure is a mess that simply remains in the bottom of the printer catch-pan. If that does not work, Prlnt purchase might be the next move. It is much too heavy to penetrate without diluting, and its lack of volatility also actually restricts it as a solvent. The problem may be due to corrosion or mineral ptint.


My black stopped working, I removed the 4 cartridges, raised the grey lever and tilted the head towards me and out. On the “Alotofthings” web site they have their view on this.

Don’t show this again. The other cleaning is to flush out the purge unit and one other cleaning is to clean the waste ink pads that are in priht bottom of the printer. I tried it and it worked!!! The indicator toggles between orange and green each time the Resume button is pressed.

It is an HP deskjet All other print speeds are based on draft mode.