I don’t think all the FF Mirrorless is there yet so I’m holding out until next year. Are most consumers better served by a shutter curtain for the sensor when changing lenses rather than that 6 stop push? And canikon have been on the scene for less than a quarter. The article has been updated with information about the lack of compatibility with EOS-M mirrorless cameras and lenses and information about continuous video recording times. Read about all of the EOS R’s ergonomic updates here.

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Or do you even notice? Even for landscapes it has very limited value, as it turns foliage into a mush, and falsifies the appearance of moving water. In a year or two, people with get used to these features will move on to slaying Input brand name here for something or the other.

A Pro-Grade Camera Without the Bulk

Best mid-range ILC of Thoughts R Us Dexter wrote: That’s a bad sign. Wellit seems DPR has bruised the ego of a lot of us Canon users. I agree the difference in image quality is insignificant.

I do not understand all these comments and scores.

Too many people have their minds influenced by what someone else uses, or says. In reality the lenses are like the speakers: There are quite a few pro’s out there who have used this camera canoj who love it. Sony can attack all it wants, canikon a professional base is built and their services established for decades.


Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up – EOSHD

I really do not get all the bashing. Thoughts R Us I agree with Arun: It is truly like the HiFi era, where reviewers came up with all sorts of creative ways to try to differentiate audio equipment, including measuring frequencies outside of the range of human hearing, all sorts of graphs and curves, etc. In the long run it will save you money. The ergonomics is just enough to hold it in a hand and reach controls with fingers.

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And the speakers would be a better investment anyway, since they would last longer and you could use them with any upgraded equipment in the future. It was all I had at the time. I have owned the EOS R for one week now.

Is the next marketing slogan going to be “Choose Canon, we have great lenses and cameras that are good enough! Processed in Adobe Camera Raw They are the no1 selling mirrorless 201. SafariBob Keep your glass, move to Sony a7rii.


History has proven this. T3 – I’m glad that the battery-grip solves your issues with Sony handling and battery performance, but whether or not battery grips improve the operation and usability of any camera is debatable. I would also pay attention to caon quality and reliability. There are only a certain set of controls you need to really access, and I’ve found that I can do all of those things very cannon with the A7II.

There is a reason for their commercial success that goes beyond having a captive customer base; they realize what their customers as opposed to reviewers care about. Marc Bergman Battery life? It is corroborated by NPD’s sales data: Those looking to shoot sports or fast-moving subjects, those needing the absolute best image quality for either landscape or video work.

The professional market feeds this recognition and brand awareness.