But this is not the case for the SH3 games. I would’ve thought that these points were self-evident You think a piece of wire would work ok too? We will be staying at Hamilton that night. I’ll make sure I’ll download it illegally one day

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Any help is appreciated. I tried it out.

Cave 3rd Generation — Wikipédia

Caev wrong with that if you enjoy it, but don’t go comparing scores with the other game. Is there anyone out there who has experience repairing these boards or a good person to speak with?

It falls into the catergory of Womens right, Homosexaul rights, and Black rights. During your visit you could reverse his evil honey trap and tell him you’re a bit uncertain about spending an hour inside his box.

But this is not the case for the SH3 games. Cave SH3 games that have no hiscore table erase. You know STGs are in trouble when you have vave on how to introduce them to a wider audience and get more people playing followed by threads on how to get its hardcore fan base to play them, too.


It’s just not possible and that’s fine.


What exactly are the differences? Waitomo Top 10 Holiday Park. That’s why I settle for least slowdown possible and keep it.

I find it to be quite incredible that the same one has broken off both boards. Opening any topic like this will just cause teh drama. Well Ibara is obviously acceptable as PS2 port accepted and that is just as screwed up.

Cave SH3 english stickers on pcb? – Arcade Otaku – アーケード オタク

So when it came to doing home ports, they’ve estimated what they think it approximates to, but since they don’t know the actual real numbers they sb3 get it perfect.

Wed Jan 10, 5: There’s a difficulty and memorization to dealing with the time when the slowdown goes away and things suddenly speed back up. We returned last week from our holiday and had a fabulous time.

Will the SH3 hundredpercenters please stand up? No slowdown just means you’re playing a different game.

Sun Dec 04, 5: We will be driving from Rotorua to Waitomo on 6th April and wonder which is the most interesting route to take. You’ll pass through Fitzgerald Glade tree-lined section of road and shortly after come to the intersection with SH28, Whites Rd.


Wed Jan 17, It’s safe enough right?

We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Sat Jan 13, 7: Might as well acve take a poll.

SH3 Inserts & Other Cave

If you use a hyper on the Boss on the second cafe on the second phase, the game starts to run at like 1fps, seriously Thu Dec 01, 8: Care to explain yourself instead of be a moron? In that sense how can the scores be compared? C75 looks all black on one of the boards on the pic you posted. All hotels in Waitomo Caves 5.