The worm period is approximately 10 minutes. Today, I can track in two ways: I cannot show you this…as I have no mount connected to this computer. After many years of dedication to Film astrophotography, I decided to “leap” to digital imaging, in part by the discontinued films, which I traditionally used, such as Kodak Technical Pan and also the higher resolution and performance offered by the current CCD’s. Or sign in with one of these services. In a couple nights I managed an excellent polar alignment. If you have just one cable to control the mount and you still can’t connect then it’s either the mount or something in the laptop.

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Posted October 1, Posted June 20, edited.

The tube has a retractable dewshield. I ask that you don’t sell the driver or derivative products. Again, it is hard to give a good reply without going off the board and trying some stuff.

Temma by Takahashi ASCOM Driver

In the picture you can see an older and chuckk finder scope 8×50 for this purpose. You are in Brilloestelar My equipment – Photographic equipment. I have to find a suitable heater I chose this mount as part of an “ultra-portable” imaging system.


ASCOM ask for OTA position, advise on which side of the meridian to align and show Temma control dialog box Voyager also can make connection and to move the mount Looks like Brian is right and all that was needed is proper drying Simon, I followed temmma instructions. Everything was normal – PHD was guiding, not perfectly but produced some images with round enough stars.

The EM Temma PC Chick fits this bill primarily because it combines the precision features needed for imaging ttemma light weight needed for portability the head weighs 24 lbs. Posted October 2, Previously you had to purchase Software Bisque’s Orchestrate to get this functionality. But this is not useful for long exposure imaging.

With a mount flip it was under 10 arc-min. Details on the revised Temmma Bisque Temma driver can be found here. May be my setup is wrong! There is a small fee after a free trial period. Warming the Temma mount box is probably a good idea but remember that it’s made of metal!!! By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. For details see Takahashi Japan’s Temma 2 technical report.

.: My equipment – Photographic equipment :.

This 21st hemma innovation employs a newly designed triplet using special elements to produce the highest order of color correction, hence the name Ortho-Apochromat and is packaged in a short 32″ tube with the lens shade retracted. TheSky V5 build 5. Hi, Thank you for your answer.


Yes you was on correct direction, the clue was ” Unpark on connect” I ticked and the telescope has moved to the point asigment!! If it is a mount problem then it will have to be sent away. Temma 2 and Temma 2 Jr. Many thanks in advance!!! A PDF file documenting the protocol is available here. TheSky Built-in Temma Driver: Do you use a USB hub?

I’m more inclined to suspect software bugs than humidity, especially with so many Fhuck connections all fighting for Com Ports and squabbling over who has the right to which one!

The polar alignment of EM was realized by the drift method, since Polaris is obstructed from view. Restarted the PHD and since then didn’t succeed to make connection with the mount that night at all.

Yodasee where I live. Posted June 20,