The API software includes the development environment for creating custom control screens and integration with external software. Message 7 of 7. Programmable tones accompany the graphic screen to give clear signals to the operator when good connections are completed or when incorrect connections, resistance violations, or reversed diode insertions are detected. Create custom pin labels of up to seven alphanumeric characters, an especially valuable feature for labeling wiring harness connectors. Can you think any solution?

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Items and B for 0. Site license; permits facility-wide same building use with all CableEye systems.

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In the case of an incoming error then simply pass the error and reference wires back out again to the output terminals Note that VIs that must execute even on error such as Close, Dispose etc.

A menu within the CableEye application lets you easily select the desired map file. Oabview you have any means to solve this cirrks The increased capacitance between twisted wires permits pairs to be distinguished from their untwisted neighbors. Catching exceptions and wrapping them into an error cluster with code is perfectly normal LabVIEW behavior. Item U Photo Finds opens, shorts, miswires, intermittent connections, and checks basic continuity.

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By first measuring the capacitance of a known length of cable to determine its capacitance per foot labvieewe can use this figure to estimate the length of a longer cable, or to find the distance to a break in one conductor of a longer cable to within 3 feet. We plan to support other more specialized formats in the future.


Our standard software recognizes the additional test points automatically. Contact us for further information or to request cirrsi addition of a new format. This software assigns test point numbers to connector types and applies standard pin designations to the pin numbers.

Channel Catalog Subsection Cirriw. Item Photo Use this optional wrist strap in place of the probe to touch wires, pins, or electrical contacts of interest with your fingers, freeing the hand that would normally hold the probe.

This is what I have worried about the synchronization problem if the DAQmx write is put inside the while loop. What do you mean by passing even on error? This item is for customers who own older equipment with outdated software. Standard IEN 3-prong equipment socket accepts power cords from any country.

Order the Custom Labeling Option if you wish to create fully-customized labels for special purposes.

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Claim or contact us about this channel. Hi Lino, I was able criris run the tester with LabVIEW to a certain extend, only thing I haven’t able to solve is not able to pick the result whether good or bad directly form the tester as not able to detect the printer port of the tester.

Check Compatibility Chart for latest summary.

We can build cables cieris this purpose of the length required; see ItemPre-assembled and Tested Flat Cablebelow. Conveniently store CB connector boards that are not in use.


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Many safety protections have been built into the system, including a fast-trip 1. Downloading software after transferring a license.

Has all of the same curris and capabilities of CableEye Model M2U Item U described above, uses the same aluminum case and software, but employs a different electronic design capable of measuring resistance, and thus the quality of connections.

Order one voice font per workstation; this is not a site license. In the block diagram pic you attached, you are no longer being careful to sequence the task starts. Item H Photo Free-standing, quick-release board fixture.

Engineers may also write their own fully-custom user interface for the tester for special, simplified applications like a touch-screen display. Furthermore, the M4 controls the active test points through the software, eliminating the toggle switch seen in the M3U.

Item Photo You specify the length when ordering. Use our Exporter software to export and import cable data in standardized formats. It is crucial for my application not to get stuck. Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of audio and voice IC and software solutions for mobile communications, automotive entertainment and consumer audio applications.