In reply to IgnacioSabido Parejo’s post on May 5, The E-MU USB interface was first introduced at Musikmesse and at that very moment became nearly the most anticipated product of the year. I am not looking for an high end audiophile DAC!! MikeTiller Replied on May 9, Thanks in advance to all.

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In the development and implementation of new tests, new ksb are more complete. Comments Any update on this project?

Detailed measurements report of technical characteristics Report content Frequency response Frequency response with loaded resistors Variation in frequency response dependence of load dynamic type headphones Frequency response usg load balance armature headphone type one driver Variation in frequency response vs load balance armature headphone type one driver Impedance Maximum level: E-MU m During tests RAA software-hardware measuring complex was used galvanic isolated power transformer and was excluded the effect of ground loop in the spectra.

Makes ,- for the EMU and the mics together. Post 7 of Write a comment below.


iXBT Labs – E-MU USB – Page 1: Introduction, specs, bundle

This is solid information, thanks! I will continue to document my progress and hopefully my results as well.

Variation in frequency response in band from Hz to 10 kHz, dB. Require re-testing of the device.

This thread is locked. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

EMU 0404 USB 2.0 Audio Driver Problem In Preview Build 10041

I have a bunch of audio test equipment, can provide numbers, plots for each modification. Variation in frequency response in band 40 Hz to 15 kHz loaded 32 ohm, dB.

Jan 25, at 5: Jan 25, at Let’s just hope that the transport s-mu that have come to plague the SA don’t surface with the SA But those recommendations only really carry the weight of a 040 customer, not the weight of an expert in the field.

To update some charts and tables may require additional time to process the raw data separately for each device. Unfortunately we don’t have one in our lab, and this device is no longer available for purchase.

Maximum output power level vs load at overload or achive the certain level of distortion E-MU USB the values of the maximum current and voltage. But it becomes obvious when you consider that the card consumes current of up to 1 ampere, while a single USB port is limited to mA even less in real devices.


We don’t have enough information on how the device operates. I think I may be wrong. Thank you for understanding. Now the original data to update the graph and table no.

Jan 25, uab 6: I have tested older driver version 1. I never tampered with sound card before and am little nervous.

Modding a E-MU USB – JackenHack

Post 3 of Hopefully Creative will be able to do something for us. Jan 26, at System Requirements OS Required. Close More detailed Reports ussb testing methodology is gradually updated.