As we go, he talks continually, trying to persuade me of the problems with private probation. But many argue that the responsibility for the problems with private probation ultimately lies not with the companies, but with the courts. The private probation industry has grown over the last two decades: An Augusta court declined to hear his appeal in January, so Long appealed to the Supreme Court of Georgia, asking that the court establish consistent guidelines for determining if a defendant is indigent before passing them onto a private probationer. Probation companies use the threat of jail to keep the payments coming in.

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The state georga the most people on probation, period, and about 80 percent of its courts use private companies to do their dirty work. We will restore Albany back to the “Good Life City” it once was, together. And he says they simply see privatized probation as a convenience. As we go, he talks continually, trying to persuade me of the problems with private probation.

Busuness ushers me from pile to pile, plucking up lawsuits and depositions and contracts, lists of services and fees. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Welcome to Georgia, the epicenter of the private probation racket

Sections of this snerrell. Welcome to Georgia, the epicenter of the private probation racket. Slider talks with a thick stutter due to a recent brain shetrell.


Of the hundreds of courts in the state that deal with misdemeanors, few have competitive, transparent bidding processes for contracts with private probationers. A Georgia law went into effect in that placed a limit on how long someone can be on probation just for inability to pay.

Renaissance Art Cafe Art Gallery. Hundreds snerrell dollars in these monthly costs went straight to Sentinel. Activists and legal advocates have started to pay attention to the growing industry.

We did not win the battle, but we will win the war. The company now no longer operates in the state of Georgia.

Sherrell Osbourne Obituary – Gainesville, GA | Charleston Post & Courier

The result is nothing short of a racket. He started fighting private probation cases by chance: In Georgia alone, there are dozens of companies like Sentinel.

Since then, these stories have come his way year after year. He fell deeper and deeper into debt until he ended up back in court in late over non-payment and a monitoring violation; Sentinel said the ankle monitor showed evidence of tampering, which Slider denies.

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Sherrell Slider says her son, Fred Slider, was jailed illegally after he failed to pay fines to Sentinel Offender Services, a private probation company. Family Literacy Connection Nonprofit Organization.

Long started representing Slider in earlywhen a friend of his alerted him to yet another geoegia of Sentinel helping send someone to jail in Augusta.


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Chosen To Conquer, Inc. The estimated number of people under electronic supervision by ICE in Sentinel, the company that put the ankle monitor on Slider, was founded in But in two separate incidents in andSlider was charged with a stop sign violation, driving without a license, and a DUI.

I will always remember the citizens who should have voted, but allowed to vote for them. If you live, work or have any other interest in Albany, GA, please assist us in completing this 5 minute survey below to share your thoughts about how to move Albany Forward!

Dozens of lawsuits have alleged these companies and the courts that contract with them are sending people to jail for nonpayment in violation of the constitutional right to due process. The companies charge the probationers themselves a monthly fee, selling the model as a money-saver for cities and counties.

The fight against private probation continues to play out one case at a time. Sherrdll night he got drunk and ran his car off the road, suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Albany Forward II Survey. And their job is not to administer justice, but to make a profit.