In the center of the Full Metal Lung is a large glowing red dome. Where the Photon Streams connect with the gauntlets and greaves. Orga appeared to have immense strength on par with Kamen Rider Kaixa, however it appears to be much slower than Faiz. Soft parts of the armor are made of Sol Foam, and the hard parts are made of Sol Metal. The Start of a Trip. Figuarts Action Figure Bandai Japan. He later kills Kusaka and claims his Kaixa Driver.

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After being brainwashed into being the new chairmain of Smart Brain, Kiba killed Kusaka and took the Kaixa gear, fighting ridder Smart Brain, and, by extension, against Faiz and Delta.

He only transformed with the Gear once however, before he was killed by the Beast Orphnoch and the Orga Gear self-destructed. In the end, Kusaka is killed by Kiba with no one aware of his death. Kamen Rider Orga has a more ornate appearance than any of the previous Gears, the Rider form having robes made of Soul Foam for a majestic appearance.

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Japan Post SAL registered. Kiba then revived his faith ridrr humanity again and helps Takumi and Mihara fight the Arch Orphnoch. See other items More Retrieved from ” https: Unlike Psgya, the Orga gear’s weapons are still visible while not transformed, although Orga’s sword, the Orga Stlanzer, is not disguised as an everyday household item. Because the weapons appear once the armor is formed and are created based on trial data from the previous gears, it possesses much greater functionality and ability than the previous Riders.


The Orga gear was recorded as the fifth Rider Gear created by Smart Brain, after the Faiz and Kaixa Gears were stolen by the humans and the Riotrooper gear had undergone mass-production.

In the events of the film, Yuji Kiba is brainwashed by the Smart Brain corporation and is chosen to be the user of the Orga Gear, allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Orga. Kiba becomes Faiz for some times until he saves Takumi from his near death kamne Kyoji Murakami.

The Photon Blood is generated from the Orga Driver. He disappeared because he discovered that he was dying from his evolution into an Orphnoch, taking the Rider Gears with him and sending them to surviving members of Ryusei School. His ability to turn anything to ash has oorga him to suffer from mental incapacitation.

Learn More – opens in a new window or tab. Created alongside the Psyga Gear, the Orga Gear is regarded as a “perfect” gear, and therefore it can only be worn by Orphnochs. No additional import charges at delivery! He temporarily used the Faiz Gear and the Smart Buckle in the series.

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The large eyepieces of the Rider give them incredible vision. Takuma is one of the few Orphnoch to survive at the end of the series.


Visit eBay’s page on international trade. After Rina was hit by a truck retrieving the Delta case he had thrown into the street, he resolved to stop orfa and fight alongside the others. Soft parts of the armor are made of Sol Foam, and the hard parts are made of Sol Metal.

kamen rider orga

In the film Kamen Rider Faiz: These characters play a major role within the series and often influence many key events. Free Shipping Delivery method: His second form is smaller and much faster than the first one.

Kiba eventually fought Takumi, kamenn Kiba was defeated. Eventually, Takumi’s true nature as an Orphnoch is revealed and he learns the truth of his role in the Ryusei School massacre as he fights with renewed resolve. Once transformation is completed, the Faiz Armor has several key features in its design to offer protection to the user.

He has three rirer and was finally killed by Takumi. Kusaka is also a childhood friend of Mari, having fallen in love with her after she once saved him from bullies to the point of destroying any obstacles between them. Unlike the Gear, the armor does not exist until the wearer transforms.

Paradise Losthe briefly wore the Kaixa Gear. Have one to sell?