Microsoft lifecam vx won’t work with zenwalk. The Webcam itself is really good. First, I had been lecturing on the Webcam, but the Problem was Cheese. Logitech Webcam C January on all Microsoft Hardware products to approximately 11 Euro press. The time now is

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Works out of the box Skype Version 2. July uubuntu, 5. Had to invoke from terminal with following command note that package libv4l Both with Cheese and with Skype, you can work without Frickelei. Other Webcams with this chip should work in a similar way! Interferes with switching with built-in laptop camera until unplugged or restart.

Maybe though I’m going about this all the wrong way from the start, so If anyone has any ideas how to fix this problem than please help!

Great cam, microphone works too. Sun Aug 5 PulseAudio is working better with it.

Therefore, there is the Webcam supposed to work with all current Linux distributions. LifeCam HD does not work. Can use all video modes with luvcview.


Using one of those cameras in conjunction with another USB device including the camera internal lifevam will likely fail. To-do If this page gets enough useful information, we might want the following pages to link to it, because people wanting that information might look there first: For more information, refer to USB Audio specification, when the adapter doesn’t support such Get operation.

Skype and Web Cameras

The ID then appears after “ID” on that line, in the form mircosoft Works out of the box with Skype 2. Cam Notebook Pro [] 8. So i’ve to start firefox with this command: Logitech Quickcam Express 7. This may differ from the list of webcams working in general on Ubuntu, given here.

SkypeWebCams – Ubuntu Wiki

Join Date Jul Beans 5. No problems has been experienced in hardy heron with Skype 2. Did not succeed in getting gstfakevideo working, yet.

Since the videos I create are so short I haven’t been able to see if the audio works for Cheese at all. Neither Skype nor Ubuntu.


Vid button the sound check in the Audio tab turns off and I’m left with a video but no audio at all. Logitech Quickcam Pro 7.

Getting Microsoft LifeCam Cinema working in Ubuntu 18.04

After choosing v4l2 in gstreamer-properties and loading v4l-library before starting Skype, it works. Loading ov51x-jpeg without forceblock-option results in a black video stream for Skype, while it works fine using Cheese.

Frame rate drops with low light, cannot disable auto exposure. Works nice out of the box with the latest driver It is important though, to test the camera in an actual call, testing the camera on the options menu may show a black screen because of graphics driver problems, not webcam related.

I investigated the issue down to the kernel driver lidecam additional traces. The time now is