I elected to drill the hole by hand using three increasingly-sized drill bits to avoid taking the whole thing apart, and it all works as-advertised with clean monaural sound coming through both headphone channels. I work for Radio Shack, and we recently got a Lenmar branded external battery that is very nice too as it has a USB port and offers higher capacity and a more standard USB port, however it is a bit more expensive at around 40 dollars. Very good entry level GPS device. The sticky tape is really a pain. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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My first one lasted over three years and the usb port broke when I yanked the cord by accident.


A guy I work with has a C Kind of sounding like Mio is installing whatever batteries they can get their hands on and who would complain, unless, like Doug you found a mAh battery inside. Anything over that you’re paying to much.

I opted out of installing the headphone level attenuator because of the wiring complications it brings. We still have a bunch of clearance Cs that will only drop over time.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I applied the same principles for my Garmin Nuvi W and it worked like a charm.

Mio DigiWalker C220 Automotive Mountable

Use it for lots of stuff. It acts as a double switch. About this product Product Identifiers Brand. Come to think of it, maybe the kind off an old boombox would be better since it would have the circuitry to mute the internal speakers when you miio in headphones….

I had a Magellan RoadMate before. I almost totally gave up. I touched the microswitch twice with the drill, that is not so good, nio fortunatly it survived. You may also like.

I hate to have to open the case twice. This site uses cookies. Most relevant reviews See all 41 reviews. I do wish that since it was a “new in the box” hsb it would have had a little more recent software included with it. It has a male voice, which was different.

I still think this unit is the best for the money. I would imagine that the connector itself would be the same between models.

Or is something hanging there on the backside? True, but I am so that hasnt deter someone before.

Memory Card > Mio C /C

Please keep us posted on this. Uab tube would guide the stylus and insure that nothing would get damaged vs. Is this an aftermarket mount?


The larger solder pads by the antenna connector look like a potential area? Use the solder terminal you bent down for the black feed from both the speaker and the board.

Looking to purchase c2338 Mio C or accessories for it? Now about that Stereo out, im not ready to give up yet, Im planning on finding out which chip in the c takes care of the sound and dig in the spec sheets to see if there are pins for the stereo channel were missing. However, I normally sub a retractable pen, and when closed and it makes a decent stylus.

All the parts are here and ready to go though. In Holland i just bought me a Medion E There are a number of Li-ion batteries here: