Mar 26, mxtj Finance, Employees. Use specific examples when possible. I installed the driver http: Performance in online reviews was great, and I went to a local MicroCenter’s i7 launch party and bought a i on launch day at midnight, and jumped on it feet first. Dec 11, philipmjr.

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Want to write a helpful review? I’ve been beat up and banged around in a few car wrecks others hitting me Presumably you purchased the KT3 Ultra to replace a defunct motherboard in your Tiny computer. Do you have a PCI modem?

After scoring some nice deals here and there especially at clearance sales it ended up in its current incarnation: Running happily at 4. What operating system are you using?

MSI MS-6380E KT3 Ultra MS6380E MS 6380E ATX Motherboard AGP 5x PCI Sound IDE RAID

Mothership 3 My third and current main computer started as a budget build using a mix of parts I had laying around and others I purchased, spending as little money as possible. Talk about what you liked and didn’t like. WinXP should find and install a driver for the sound sond the setup. Philips PSB2. So When I did get a job, I was free to spend almost all my money on computer hardware, so I usually had “significantly above average” computing rigs, but still at certain points through out the years due to prices, I wasn’t able to afford “the absolute best” at the time, sadly.


I use a CNR modem, but only for faxing it works fine and does not effect the sound.

Although it wasn’t the greatest thing out there it work pretty good. So right around then, I ended up saving up a lot of money because there was nothing to upgrade to. I didn’t need an upgrade for a looooong time, eventually I only upgraded my motherboard to support bigger GPU configurations and more pci-e bandwidth.

Mar 21, Katie M. Then later I started to realize that at the launch event. Wow, it is truly sonud to see something this old show up in the review section here in spice works. I had a strange desire to get that Slot-2 machine on eBay, instead of buying newer faster parts. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

MSI MSE – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT Overview – CNET

If this is the case adding a new motherboard to a computer with an existing operating system can cause problems. Then I started to get in to ‘the best’ for a while, starting with a 1. HP Pentium 4 2.


I pounced on it and that’s my current biggest computer. Almost whole ebay vintage parts are in my hobby room. I got it home, jury rigged one of my water blocks to it and had it running at 4. I was wholly expecting to jump right in to a dual-quad-core octo-core system and drop in a pair of AMD’s barcelona quads with a bios update.

It lasted me until making it my longest running PC and ma saw more hardware changes than Theseus’ Ship. Click [here] to see my collection of retro bliss! Dec 11, philipmjr. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Bald shows stuff still i my possession. All times are GMT I got the PC bug and went on building my own. Spam or objectionable content?